Shingles, also referred to in the medical field as herpes zoster, is a reactivation of the varicella-zoster virus after it has lain dormant in the body. To have the virus in your body, you must have had the chicken pox at some point in your life. The virus will lie dormant in the dorsal root ganglia of your sensory cranial as well as your spinal nerves.

When your immune system becomes compromised the virus becomes capable of reactivating itself in the way of shingles. Many people have found great relief from this virus by following a shingles diet.


In one study, it is suggested that by consuming the right foods with high proportions of lysine and arginine, it can help to lower the severity of the condition. Arginine, as well as lysine, are both amino acids. Amino acids form the protein in your body. They work differently in the body.

Lysine gives the raw materials that are required to produce collagen. Collagen helps to speed healing the wounds in the body. Collagen also helps the bones to grow properly. Arginine is a component in nitric oxide. This is a key amino acid to maintain normal as well as healthy blood pressure.

Arginine encourages the growth of herpes while the lysine helps to offset the arginine. However, they work in competition with one another. Since herpes virus and herpes zoster are very related, balancing the proper amounts of both amino acids is tantamount to keeping shingles in check.

Diet For Shingles

The diet should contain a lot of lysine and includes plenty of fish, meat as well as poultry. Farm raised poultry is preferred over wild poultry as it will have less of the arginine and more of the lysine. It should also include milk, cheese, and even yogurt as these foods are high in lysine. Soybeans and legumes are also ideal sources of lysine.

Arginine, on the other hand, will encourage flare-ups. You’ll need to select foods that are low in arginine. Many multi-vitamins contain arginine as well as chocolate, brewers yeast, nuts, white bread and even oats.

Since shingles are usually due to a lowered and poor functioning immune system, you’ll want to include foods that help to fight off infections such as those high in Zinc and even Vitamin C. Vitamin C is found in a lot of fruits and vegetables as well as leafy green vegetables and potatoes. Strawberries and peppers are also ideal options. Zinc is found in whole grains, legumes, and poultry as well as oysters and red meat.

By following a proper diet, many diseases, including herpes zoster and shingles, can be managed. Follow a diet high in lysine as well as zinc and Vitamin C in order to heal more quickly and manage your shingles. Include the right foods in your daily meals to ensure that your immune system is functioning properly and effectively and you’ll find that you feel better.

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